Impotence: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Hello! My name is Dr. Jason White, I practice in the clinic Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles! I write this article led people suffering from erectile dysfunction. Today with this problem faced by many men!

The disease, in which a man can not be sexual intercourse, called impotence. If the penis is not so hard that it can be introduced into the vagina, then the variety is known as erectile impotence (erectile) dysfunction. Another variation of this dysfunction – ejaculatory (ejaculation), in her introduction of the penis into the vagina is possible, but ejaculation (orgasm) is missing.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction:

  •     inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system and the pelvic organs (prostate, cystitis, etc.)
  •     insufficient arterial blood flow in the vessels of erectile mechanism
  •     diabetes
  •     hormonal disorders
  •     various spinal injury
  •     penis injury
  •     operations on the pelvic organs
  •     medication
  •     depression, stress

That is, impotence can be caused by neurological, endocrine, vascular, medical and local causes that are organic form of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is associated with certain difficulties! Most common psychological form in which erection problems arise because of neuropsychiatric features of a man.

Almost always, the problems with the erection of the organic nature of the added psychological moment, which may not disappear even after the elimination of the underlying cause of the disease.

Men’s failure to consult the doctor about impotence, is the biggest challenge for urologists worldwide. It is particularly relevant in our country, where pending appeal to the doctors with personal problems. Meanwhile, modern medicine has a huge arsenal of tools to help such patients.

Any event aimed at normalization and improvement of body functions, can be a means of restoring erectile function. Therefore, in combination with other therapeutic measures are applied physiotherapy, magneto-and laser therapy.

Phasing of the disease characteristic of organic impotence. Initially, the frequency of erections become less then erections are incomplete, but in the end – even impossible. Naturally, impotence to a large extent influence the livelihoods of men suffer from this self-love and self-esteem, anxiety and conflict arises, because in most cases an active libido. There are many drugs can cure erectile dysfunction medication Kamagra soft tabs 100mg is very effective! The reasons, provoking the emergence and development of organic impotence, failure can be attributed to the hormone system (should take measurements of serum levels of testosterone, protactinium, namedropping, thyroid hormones), it is not a suitable treatment of diabetes, abnormal structure of the penis, various sexually transmitted diseases. Cialis highly effective drug for the treatment of impotence! These reasons should be identified and selected methods for correction.

If a man is afraid to fail, not sure of himself, that is, their sexual capabilities, the impotence may well arise in the background of these phobias. Likelihood of psychogenic impotence should be excluded, but if it exists, it andrologist or sex therapist is the expert, which should be observed in the patient.


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